Thursday, March 31, 2016

Opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen: What Luck It Brings to People

Japan is one of the most visited places in the world.  Great economy, beautiful landscapes, the blooming of cherry blossoms in Spring which are definitely breathtaking, robotics and highly advanced technology are some of the well known trademarks of Japan.  And of course, who wouldn’t get interested with Japan’s high speed bullet trains, Shinkansen?  What excites me more is the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen last March 26, 2016 that absolutely people especially travellers would love.  Here are 5 Benefits that Hokkaido Shinkansen would bring to people:

1. Alternative Ride for Tourists
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Going to Hokkaido through plane would take you for about one hour and 20 minutes with Haneda to Hakodate Flight.  People who intend to reach Hokkaido as fast as they could (such as those who have inflexible itinerary schedule or people with pre-arranged appointments) would prefer travelling with planes than taking the bullet train that takes more than four hours.  However, since tourists would likely love to experience the breathtaking landscapes, gentle slopes, snow capped mountains between November to April while travelling with rails, Bullet Trains would be a great ride. 
2. Boost Tourism Industry
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 Some of the lovely tourist attractions in Japan are found in the island of Hokkaido.  Visitors wouldn’t fail to visit Lake Toya, Niseko resort, or experience the great scenery of snow capped mountains with amazing shapes and slopes, clean air, and of course, the best food that the Hokkaido residents could offer.  With the opening of Hokkaido Shinkansen, this would attract more tourists to visit the island.

3. Safe Travel than Driving
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Compared to driving, taking the Hokkaido Shinkansen(Bullet Train) would spare you from traffic and gives traveller a much safer travel.  Driving in long hours would be much stressful and expensive: much needed fuel for your car, makes you feel tired than enjoying the sceneries, and of course, one might be prone to accident due to falling asleep unintentionally while driving.  With Hokkaido Shinkansen, one can actually rest and fall to sleep safely while travelling.

4. Accessibility to Nearby Island
Credit: Sapporo Station

Besides with tourists, the opening of the Bullet Train this year will benefit a lot of residents in Hokkaido.  Travelling in two islands would be much easier.  This makes Hokkaido and other nearby islands accessible to people that paves way in opening business communications. Creating business and providing more jobs to people would also be made easier.

5. Fast Transportation of Goods
Residents who will be transporting Hokkaido goodies especially the perishable ones would also have a huge benefit in the opening of the bullet train.  There will be easier and faster transporting of goods hence delivering them at their most desired schedule.…/tokyo-hokkaido-shinkansen-f…/…
People might have heard on the construction and testing of the Hokkaido Bullet Train in 2014 but might haven’t heard that its full operation started last March 26, 2016.  Residents of Hokkaido would feel their good fortune anent the operation of Shinkansen.  Additionally, the extension of Hokkaido Shinkansen route to the biggest City of Hokkaido, the Saporro in 2030 would likely entice visitors in exploring Hokkaido at its best.  

- J.Kimura


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